Customized Printed 350gsm Tarot Cards Oracle Decks Card Games Playing Cards with Custom Magnetic Box

Tarot cards can be used for a variety of purposes, including divination, self-reflection, personal growth, and spiritual guidance. There are many different types of tarot decks available, each with its own unique artwork and interpretations.

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OEM Customised 78 Tarot Deck Oracle card

Tarot is an ancient Western prediction art that analyzes the symbolic meaning of cards to explain the problem by placing randomly selected cards in a specified location (card array). Each Tarot has a symbol that indicates your inner thoughts, subconscious motives, hidden fears and desires, and your personality.

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Custom Printed High Quality Oracle Cards 350gsm paper Gold Foil Stamping Oracle deck with guidebook

This oracle cards deck and meditation cards will offer you unique and powerful insights, promoting love and healing, while you create deeper connections with yourself and the divine, spirit, or god. There is divine magic within each card, with channeled messages from the visionary artist. These are perfect intention setting cards, manifestation cards, affirmation cards, angel cards and shadow work cards, and a beautiful spiritual gift for a friend.

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63*88mm Custom Tarot Card Deck

Our Tarot Cards are the perfect tool for any beginner or advanced Tarot reader. Each deck comes with instructions and has 78 tarot cards including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The Cardstock is 350 GSM, which means they’re sturdy enough to last years of use, or forever if you never want to part with them.

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63*88mm Custom Affirmation Cards Printing Oracle Game Cards

Our LOVE and HEALING oracle cards are hand selected messages sent to us from the Divine. Each message comes in a box of 36, making it easy to store or use as you consult with our Guides and Angels. Use them for your Daily Spreads, Receiving Clarity, Positive Affirmations, Readings, and Daily Meditations. Customize each deck with your name in gold foil on the top of each card for an additional fee

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350gsm coated paper Interesting Horoscope Oracle Card Deck with Guidebook

This set of hidden truth oracle cards is very suitable for both beginners and experienced readers. With graphic instructions on each oracle card, it's perfect for tarot beginners to get started quickly.You can use this set of Oracle cards to better understand and deepen your relationship with your soulmate. Give direction to your life, love, or career choices.This product is extra durable and can be used for many years

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