Today's Playing Cards offer more art, more personalization, and more amazing in everything from history to video games -- so it's no wonder more and more people are becoming interested in collecting specific cards, either just for their beauty or as a long-term hobby.  The reality of social isolation in 2021 makes it easier to dig into a new kind of collection (especially one that can be enjoyed with a small group of friends).  


These Plastic Professional Poker Playing Cards Printing are completely custom made from ace, Joker and Court cards.  The illustrations were created using classic graffiti painting techniques.  Each illustration was carefully drawn and colored on paper before being transformed into a digital image using high-precision scanning, a process that took more than three months to complete.  

Wholesale Gold Fiol Stamping Playing Cards Custom Logo 300-350gsm Coated Paper with linen finish Poker Cards

We can customize playing cards/ game cards/ flashcards/ tarot cards/ board games and so on. They are made of paper, plastic, linen and all up to you. The size of the playing cards is from 57x87mm to 100x150mm or any customized size you want. And they can be varnished, laminated or UV coated as you like.

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