Customized Playing Cards Production Process(2)

Customized Playing Cards Production Process(2)

2022-06-02 15:24:16

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1. Cloth effect can make poker look more upscale and feel better. Many advertising poker customers want a cloth effect. The cloth texturing machine is composed of two parallel steel rollers. When the poker paper passes through, the texture on the steel roller is pressed onto the paper to form a cloth effect. (Note: cloth embossing can be the first processor after the polishing of poker.)


2. Some customers need poker to have a special flavor, especially some food or cosmetics advertising poker. (added to the grout)


3. One-time die-cutting and sorting. Cut the 54 cards horizontally into 6 (6x9, 54) or 7 (7x8, 56) through the die-cutting machine; Then it is cut longitudinally into 9 pieces (6x9, 54 pieces) or 8 pieces (7x8, 56 pieces) and automatically sorted to form an arrangement in which the king is at the top and the Xiao Wang is at the bottom. At the same time, carry out quality inspections. At this time, the poker corners are still rectangular, not rounded, and the poker is larger than the last 57x87mm. (in the following steps of this article, when there is no card splitting machine or the card splitting machine is not available, it is replaced by a manual, which is called "card tearing". Manual card tearing is often used to make advertising poker, because the specifications of each model are not always the same, and it is inconvenient to use the card splitting machine to change the style. This leads to higher costs than market cards, which is one of the reasons why the price of billboards is higher than that of market cards.


4. Secondary die-cutting. Put the poker after one-time die-cutting and sorting into the electric punching machine equipped with a fillet die-cutting knife to form a poker core that finally meets the specifications.


5. The so-called division is to divide the die-cut cards into a single pair.


6. Poker core heat shrinkable packaging. The 54 inner cores of a pair of poker are heat shrinkable and packed with plastic paper through the packaging machine. The inner core is easy to package and moisture-proof after heat shrinkage. (Note: it is usually packed with self shrinking plastic film. Heat shrinkage will deform the poker and make it uneven)


7. Printed poker box, peritoneum, or oiled and pasted poker box.


8. Put the poker core into the poker box, heat shrink, and add a gold wire drawing. The gold wire drawing is the same as the wire drawing on the outside of the cigarette box and has a nail hole, which makes it easy for users to open. (Note: in fact, this one does not need heat shrinking. The heat-shrinkable film is not transparent, and bright, and the effect is not good-looking. In addition, after a long time, the film is easy to stick to the outside of the inner box, which is not easy to tear off, and even affects the appearance.)


9. Every 10 pairs of Poker will be heat shrinkable. The purpose of heat shrinkable packaging again is to facilitate inventory and quick packaging to corrugated boxes. Of course, there are also paper boxes.



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