63*88mm Customized Print High Quality Black Core Paper Playing Poker Card Deck

63*88mm Customized Print High Quality Black Core Paper Playing Poker Card Deck

The Customized Black Core Poker Playing Cards are the standard deck of playing cards for poker, or any card game. Made of durable 100% black core professional paper and designed to last, this deck provides a solid foundation for your games. It's a standard index deck, which is ideal for professional or amateur use and works in any size ring.

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Product Description

    This set of 63*88mm Customized Print High-Quality Black Core Paper Playing Poker Card Deck is a standard deck for playing poker or any card game. It is made of 100% black core professional paper. This durable material lasts a long time and can bend but not break. It's a standard index deck that is casino grade, which is ideal for professional or amateur use. The design is simple yet striking to make gameplay more interesting.

Product Features

    Made of durable and tough 100% black core paper

    Bendable and doesn't break easily

    Lightweight and casino grade

    Standard index deck for professional or amateur use

    Simple yet striking deck design

    Why Choose Paper Playing Cards?

    You may be wondering why someone would ever choose paper cards over plastic. Well, there are many reasons why someone would.

    Much cheaper

    The go-to deck for magic and cardistry

    Many people will start with a paper deck, mainly due to its price. As mentioned above you can get a paper deck as low as $3. This will bring in a lot of people that are just starting with magic or card games.

    If you have ever seen a magician perform they were most likely using a paper deck of cards. There are many reasons why magicians prefer to use paper cards.

    They easily tear, fold, and burn.

    Paper is more forgiving

    Many magicians use tactics to wow a crowd that involves tearing, folding, or burning a card. This is much harder to do with plastic cards. With a card that is 100% plastic, it is possible, but magicians are putting on a show, and need things to be fast and seamless.

    Many people think that once a paper deck is dirty it is ruined, but that isn’t entirely true. There are a few ways to clean a paper deck, such as using talcum powder, or using the crust off of white bread (interesting, but effective), and lastly, taking care of them in the first place. Be cautious of what you eat and drink around them and clean them immediately if they were to get dirty.

    Which should I choose, plastic cards or paper cards?

    When comparing these 2 different materials, it will come down to what you are going to use the cards for. If you’ll be having your friends over once or twice a week to have a card game or two, plastic cards will last longer and be safer to have food and drinks around. But if you are looking to take up a hobby in Magic or Cardistry, use a paper deck. The flow and ease of manipulation are much easier than a plastic deck of cards.

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1.Are you a playing cards factory or trading company?

We are one of playing cards factories in Asia for over 15 years, located in Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China,

We have advance printing/cutting/packing machines too.


2. How do I place an order?

Inquiry—Pricing Settled—E-deck Confirmed—Deposit Paid—Mass Production Started—Balance Payment Paid—Delivery.


3. Do you offer templates to do designing work? What kind of formats you accept?

A, Yes, we do offer templates to do designing work.

B, We accept JPG, .AI, .PDF, .CDR files to print.

C, Good resolution to print: Above 400 DPI, resolution also called pixels, is the basic unit of measurement for digital images. Better resolution files can get a better print.


4.Can you help designing work?

A, We can help you make custom design logo for Common side.

B, We can help customized Ace, Jack, Queen, King and Jokers, in the meantime, please

state your detail requirements for us.


5. What is your MOQ? Can I make cards under your MOQ?

Our mini order is 500 decks, order under 500 decks, please check with us, we will check what is the best we can offer.


6.Which payment ways you are accepting?

A,Paypal, Western Union and by bank transferring.

B, Doing business with us on our alibaba store, get more flexible payment ways:

VISA, Mastercard, E-checking, T/T and L/C.

C, 30% deposit before order production, before shipment 70% balance + shipment cost need to be paid.


7.Lead time for production?

It takes 18-25 working days to finish an order production after you confirmed the

e-proof we offer back for you to check.


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