wholesale Kids Educational Flash Cards supplier

wholesale Kids Educational Flash Cards supplier

2023-02-02 16:07:04

What is a Preschool education flashcard?

It was invented by Duman, an American, mainly to help newborns with early education. Through many cards, many babies can exercise their brain abilities.

Doman flash card is a successful educational method developed by Dr. Glenn Doman in the United States. It uses flashing techniques to quickly convey information to babies to stimulate the relevant neural pathways in the brain of young children.

Through learning, children can quickly improve the following abilities: improve understanding and business intelligence, cultivate good learning ability, exercise super perceptual ability, have unique creativity, activate brain cells, improve brain imagination, fast computing ability, and fast memory ability, activate eye rod cells and cone cells, train visual impact memory, and enhance photographic memory function.

Preschool Educational Flash Cards manufacturer


First, mathematical ability. Mathematics, the foundation of all sciences, is realized through the training of "Black and White Dot Cards", "Circle Dot Cards" and "Cartoon Dot Cards".

Second, language literacy and reading skills. Reading is the basis of all subjects through the training of "Eight Language Cards".

Third, common sense ability. Common sense is composed of rich facts, and it is realized through the training of "Encyclopedia Reading Cards" and "Automobile Identification Cards".

2. Let the baby get out of the family as soon as possible, learn to communicate, and become a social person.

3. It can make the baby more confident, more lively, and more willing to communicate with others.

4. At the same time, early education activities can make the baby's eight intelligences (linguistic intelligence, mathematical-logic intelligence, spatial intelligence, body-kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, introspective intelligence, and natural observation intelligence) be harmoniously developed.

5. There are many sensitive periods during the growth of children. If parents miss the education and guidance of this sensitive period, it will bring irreparable regrets to the children in the future. In a specific period, providing children with guidance and measures such as recognizing the world, emotional training, language ability, personal hobbies, and facing difficulties can lay a solid foundation for the child's future life and work quality.

6. Early education not only allows children to develop their brains, but also allows them to learn to face and solve problems in a series of parent-child activities and educational activities.

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