We played the Da Vinci Code together

We played the Da Vinci Code together

2021-09-06 16:46:14

Let everyone have a sense of participation and belonging, the team can be beneficial development, but also to achieve the seemingly impossible goal!

Yesterday we played the Da Vinci code game: each team selected a representative, put the cards disarranged, from 1-K in accordance with the order of the turn up, the teammates together to cooperate with each other, give advice.

Someone is responsible for 1 to 3, someone is responsible for 4 to 6... Finally, under the concerted efforts of everyone, they successfully turned over the cards in accordance with the order!

The method of each team is not quite the same, which makes me think of our every family, every career to do well, on their own certainly not!

If we can get all members actively involved in the right way and put their heads together:

For example, running a family is not the responsibility of mom alone, nor is it the responsibility of dad alone. If a family can treat the family as a project, each of them should perform their own duties.

Everyone participates, do what they are good at, that family works together, will be happy.

For example, do business with the team, can not be a leader of a person to sell out, to the following people assign tasks to others to complete.

But to find the positioning of everyone, guide everyone to play their own value, participate in it, and cooperate with everyone, this business project can also be completed well.

In conclusion, I have always believed that natural talent can be useful as long as each of us is good at finding the best in the other and encouraging the other to participate actively.

Let the shine shine and the leader is a responsible person who brings the team together.

Both family and career are a project, and all members have a sense of participation and a sense of ownership. I believe the results will be much better than those of one person.

At least yesterday, we had a good time because everyone had a sense of ownership and was willing to take the initiative to pay for the activity. Finally, we worked together to harvest a wonderful day

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