Things You Didn't Know About Poker

Things You Didn't Know About Poker

2022-04-26 17:19:17

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Three common poker papers


Like the common poker, blue card paper is generally used. This kind of paper is very moderate in terms of feel, hardness and stiffness. In addition, it has good resistance to beating and long life, so it is widely used in on playing cards.


The second kind of paper is coated paper. The advertising playing cards made of coated paper look similar to those made of blue cardboard, but the disadvantages are also obvious. Two kinds of paper with the same weight are made of coated paper. Advertising playing cards will be reimbursed after an hour of play, and blue card stock is more durable.


Finally, there is black core paper, which mainly appears in entertainment places. Due to the high cost of black core paper, few people generally use this kind of paper except in entertainment places. That being said, however, black core paper Paper is see-through, so while it's expensive, it's worth the money.


4 common poker cores


There are four kinds of paper cores in playing cards, namely, gray core paper, blue core paper, white core paper and black core paper, and these four kinds of paper also have different effects.


The first: disheartened paper.


Gray core paper is a relatively common paper, it is relatively cheap, and its unit price can also be accepted by the public. It is generally used in domestic trade advertisements and Japanese cards.


The second: blue core paper.


Compared with discouraged paper, blue core paper is much better in density, and the price is more moderate. Generally, companies with a little reputation will choose this type of paper core.


The third: white core paper.


This paper is not much different from blue core paper, but it is rarely accepted by users because it is a few cents higher.


The fourth: black core paper.


Black core paper is the best paper among the above three cores. It has good toughness, anti-perspective, and is generally used for casino cards.


Common misunderstanding about Poker


Some customers think that the number of grams represents the thickness and quality of the paper. The larger the number of grams, the thicker the paper and the better the quality. This is obviously a misunderstanding of paper grams.


The number of grams of paper is only the weight of one square meter of paper, and there is no necessary connection with the thickness and quality. As we say, 280 grams of paper means that this paper weighs 280 grams per square meter.


The actual meaning of paper grams is a measurement method. When paper is sold, it is measured by tonnage. Knowing the grams of paper, you can calculate the actual area of ​​a piece of paper, and you can also calculate how many advertising cards this paper can make.


Misunderstanding 1: White cardboard (coated paper) is better than special paper for poker.


White cardboard (coated paper) poker printers are usually used to make boxes, not playing cards. Playing cards need to be shuffled continuously in use, and the elasticity and toughness of the paper are relatively high. Only special paper can be used, and white cardboard (coated paper) cannot be used. If it is just for appearance and not used, then white cardboard (coated paper) can be used.


Misunderstanding 2: Embossed paper is a type of paper.


Embossing is a production process, not a paper type. All paper can be turned into textured paper by embossing this process.


Last few words


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