The production process of playing cards

The production process of playing cards

2023-02-02 10:07:05

China is the largest producer and exporter of playing cards in the world, with an annual consumption of more than 1 billion pairs of playing cards. wholesale Black Core Paper Poker Cards

After years of evolution, a small card has become an exquisite sheet product. The birth of a card starts with printing. A large-format card is printed with the required content, and then the printed Cards are die-cut in a single-fed machine, resulting in smaller cards.


The fineness of card die-cutting depends on the single-sheet material machine. Due to the unbalanced economic development of the traditional single-sheet material machine, the regional demand is quite different. The traditional single sheet material machine has many disadvantages, and the accuracy has been hovering. It has been difficult to break through in front and speed. As a result, the demand for intelligent and automated equipment continues to expand. With the increase in market demand, the single-fed sheet material machine has gradually improved the shortcomings of the past.

The self-developed sheet-fed sheet machine is to print the entire sheet, die-cuts through the detection position and arranges it into a sheet-fed product after die-cutting. The equipment can provide uninterrupted material supply (the loading platform is divided into the main pallet and web pallet, when a certain amount of material is left, the web pallet stretches out to hold the material, and the main pallet drops to the lowest point, at this time, it can be manually loaded material, but the equipment can continue to work); die-cutting knife blank tool change, using the telescopic device of the station frame, the entire die-cutting station is extended from the side, and manual tool change is convenient; using the driving wheel to discharge the waste edge, it can be completed Heterogeneous waste discharge; the modular design of the overall equipment, the receiving part can be replaced with functional modules according to different requirements of customers.


The single-sheet material machine can not only be used on playing cards but also can die-cut all kinds of self-adhesive stickers, wine labels, clothing tags, and other products. For the special products of clothing tags, we have also developed small hole waste discharge round knife molds and equipment On this basis, it is also possible to complete stacked material collection, thousand impeller material collection, and belt fish scale type material collection. To complete the minimum 2.5mm small hole waste discharge (no need for reprocessing, the final state of the product will be formed directly after the sheet is die-cut, and it can be used directly after being tied with a tag rope).

According to data, in European and American countries, advertising poker has accounted for more than 30% of the total poker sales market. With the future development of the industry, poker advertising will continue to expand to major cities and fields across the country.

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