The Difference Between Magic Playing Cards And Ordinary Playing Cards

The Difference Between Magic Playing Cards And Ordinary Playing Cards

2022-04-22 17:13:01

Magic cards have subtle differences on the top of the cards. If you buy them, there will be instructions for use. For example, the patterns on the back of the cards will have subtle differences that are difficult to find. There will be instructions inside to teach you to write down different patterns and suit numbers, which can be changed. The magician guesses the opponent's card, not a trick or the like.


Features of Magic Poker


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Magic poker is also called cipher poker, or marker cards, etc. Although the names are different, the purpose is the same. The biggest feature of this card is that the surface of the card looks exactly the same as an ordinary poker, even the packaging, back pattern, size, color, pattern, etc. are exactly the same, but its magic is that on the back There will be more hidden markers in the pattern. To put it bluntly, magic poker is to use fake ordinary cards to deceive the eyes of the audience, thus achieving the effect of magic show.


Magic Poker Recognition Classification


What I shared with you above is one of the ways of recognizing magic cards. As we all know, there are hundreds of thousands of types of playing cards, so the number of magic cards corresponding to them is also quite large. But we can't fully recognize so many poker cards, so we must learn to summarize the rules so that we can deal with multiple magic pokers in the same way.


The common classification of magic symbols mainly include: pictographic patterns, linear patterns, block patterns, etc., and there are other types of cards that use props to recognize cards, and so on.


Pictogram: The shape of the mark on the back is very similar to the size and shape of the playing card. The shape of the mark is from the A to K of the playing card-corresponding, but the mark will slightly deform the A to K of the card, such as Yao in the example above. Remember 989 is a pictograph.


How to choose magic poker?


Because the paper poker is easy to bend and deform under the squeeze of the palm of the hand. And it will not recover immediately. And affect the route of the poker bounce. The effect is a mess. So it is recommended to use plastic poker. Plastic poker will not be deformed by the bending and squeezing of the palm of the hand. Its own elasticity makes it flash in front of the audience as soon as your finger hooks it. The straight poker is straight and accurate when it bounces. And the thickness of plastic poker is generally thinner than ordinary playing cards.


A deck of plastic poker is equivalent to two-thirds of ordinary playing cards. This will increase the number of cards hidden in the palm of your hand. The performance will be better.


In short, it is necessary to find suitable playing cards. Handy poker will make your practice more comfortable and even more powerful. So the suggestion is to find some different playing cards to try. The most important thing is to have the right size and feel comfortable.


To sum up


In fact, magic playing cards are no different from ordinary playing cards in terms of suit and card structure. However, magic cards are specially used for magic. For hand magic, as long as you practice more, you can use ordinary playing cards. We have High Quality plastic playing cards,High Quality playing cards logo,High Quality Plastic Professional Poker Playing Cards for sale, for more information, please contact us at any time.

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