The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Poker

The 10 Most Common Mistakes In Poker

2022-04-22 17:41:47

When many people play poker, they often feel self-righteous and always feel that their poker skills are amazing, so they often ignore many basic poker skills, resulting in some mistakes such as the following ten common mistakes:


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Mistake 1. Using the wrong location


In poker, your position relative to the button is very important. Zheng Taishun, the Chinese poker player, said that the same hand can be played completely differently when in front and back positions. The best position is the button, because all players bet or fold before you, and you can decide how to bet yourself based on each player's actions.


Mistake 2. Too Emotional


You have to control your emotions and not let your emotions control you. Especially when there are big losses and big wins, many players tend to lose their minds and become emotional, either losing the winning money or losing more.


Mistake 3: Paying too much attention to the cards in your hand and ignoring who your opponent is


Remember, in poker, it's not the cards in your hand that you play, it's your opponent. The same cards can have completely different ways of playing against different opponents, so it is very important to know what kind of players your opponents are.


Mistake 4. Self-righteousness, thinking that you are born to play


Poker is different from other gambling games. It integrates mathematics, psychology, body language, and self-control. No matter how good you think you are, there is always room for improvement.


Mistake 5. Do not understand moderation


This is especially important when you are in a big win or big loss. Whether you win or lose, take it easy and remember: you can come back tomorrow!


Mistake 6. Regular and easy to see through


If you play too regularly, it's easy for your opponent to guess the strength of your hand. Because when you study your opponent, your opponent is also studying you. Make some elusive moves from time to time during your game to keep your opponents from guessing what kind of player you are.


Mistake 7. Overestimating your strength and the pressure you can bear


5-10 table and 20-40 table may have completely different players and gameplay. How much stake you choose has a lot to do with your understanding of the stake game and players, starting from low stake games. At first, after accumulating a certain amount of experience, playing high-stakes games.


Mistake 8. Playing too many starting hands


Many players are impatient to wait for a good hand, fold for a long time in a row, they will get impatient and start playing some starting hands that are not worth playing. Poker is a game that requires a great deal of patience, and without patience, it is best not to play.


Mistake 9. Not learning from other people's poker experience


It is the stone of the mountain, which can be used to attack jade, the experience of others, the knowledge of books, and the information of the Internet, which can be taken at hand, and many detours can be avoided.


Mistake 10: I want to fly before I can go


Many friends who play poker have no knowledge of poker, but they play in the wild and want to try their luck. They don't know that it is like driving a car. They don't know how to change gears. But if you move forward, you will lose.


In conclusion


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