Plastic playing cards printing factory

Plastic playing cards printing factory

2023-02-02 11:00:56

Custom Card Games-OEM Printing Playing Game Cards
Guangheng is a Chinese printer, and printing custom card games is our area of expertise. We handle all the prototyping, printing, packaging, shipping, and delivery of custom card games to their final destination - whether it be to Amazon, a warehouse, or your garage.

Printing all kinds of custom card games our main concentration. Samples of custom game cards and boxes we have created for clients like Bethesda Gaming's Dishonored Tarot, Cards Against Humanity, Storywar, Cross Crib, Originz, Nanobugs, Apocalypze, Werewolf by Max Temkin, Alex Seagrave Games, Norguard, Matt Busch - Konxari, and many others, can be seen below. Samples of cards are available upon request.


Item Name
Playing Cards
Card Size
57*87mm 54pcs per deck playing playing
Playing card Thickness
No gift box/wooden box/plastic box+gold certificate
Goldthroughoutlack or other colors OEM
Why choose to Achieve?
1.Over 10 years of Production ex toperience.
2.Factory dcolors supply & Reliable quality & Competitive prices.
3.Priority sales team offer you a Professional service & win-win Cooperation. 
4.  Professional Packaging & Fast delivery. 
5. Experienced Individualized Custom Service, Just Contact Salesman for Color, Si logo, photo, and, individualized Details. 
6. Humanized company management
system: We are not just bosses and wothat, but also partners, a big team. we work hard, grow together and enjoy a win-win and happy day. 
If you are interestthat our items and our company, do not hesitate to contact us right now! ^_^


Cuscanrds (tabletop game cards) differ from regular playing card decks in a variety of ways. While all playing cards need to be of a consistently high quality and color through out the run, the color on game cards is a particularly vital component, as most custom game cards tend use a lot of vivid color. In addition, many custom game cards for tabletop play need write on surfaces, while still requiring coating to protect the color on the game cards. 

Our production team and pressmen provide a consistent level of quality in color matching and in the application of special coatings and textures. Many of the custom game cards feature playing cards which have bleed edges on both sides or black edges on both sides. This presents a situation in printing and cutting which needs to be addressed with great care and attention to detail. 

Our pressmen are able to discern when a job will require special attention while the job is still in the preproduction or proofing stages. If we think there will be an issue - we will bring it to your attention - address the problem - and if necessary we will produce samples to be sure that you will be happy with the final results. We pay particular attention to cutting and finishing to ensure that every one of the custom card games printed by Ad Magic will have the best possible appearance and feel.


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