Pay Attention to the Material of Common Sense Printing when Buying Playing Cards

Pay Attention to the Material of Common Sense Printing when Buying Playing Cards

2022-06-02 16:22:32

Wholesale Custom Gold Foil Playing Cards factory supplier

Playing cards are a type of entertainment and cultural activity. This kind of entertainment equipment is popular, the cost is low, and there are no restrictions on entertainment places, which assists in the diversity of people's entertainment activities. Playing cards can be played on the train when going out to play and on other occasions. They feel the interest brought by playing cards. Moreover, playing cards are easy to carry, and the cost is low, so they are widely loved by people.


Wholesale Custom Gold Foil Playing Cards factory supplier


Knowledge problems in purchasing playing cards


  1. there are a lot of manufacturers who choose good brands and make playing cards in China, which provides a broad space for customers to choose. We can buy playing cards according to the strength, product quality, and word-of-mouth of the playing card manufacturers, and use network tools to find information before buying.


  1. as for the selection of quality, the quality of playing cards is also one of the key factors we consider. We can carefully consider the soft hardness and the workmanship of playing cards. There are many knowledge issues to pay attention to in the purchase of playing cards. We can purchase playing cards according to our preferences and experience.


The purchase of playing cards seems to be a very simple job, but it is not easy to buy good cards worthy of the name. We can make a comprehensive comparison between the actual demand and other conditions. Playing card magic, especially for the enterprises that customize playing cards, needs to select an organization with good workmanship that can provide skills guarantee for the actual use to customize playing cards.


After years of exploration, the production of playing cards in China has changed from embossing to offset printing, from a pair of cards with multiple sheets of paper to a pair of cards with one sheet of paper. After being oiled on both sides, a pair of printed matter enters the oven for drying, calendering, die-cutting, card tearing, die-cutting, cartooning, and packaging. The whole process is impeccable and the production efficiency is relatively high.


  1. The produced playing cards are printed on poor paper and then cast coated to improve the surface smoothness. The flexibility is not enough, and they are easy to break. Cast coated materials and glazing materials are harmful to the health of consumers, and they cannot be embossed like the world-famous brand of Poker (bee brand).


  1. In the production process, because the offset printing process is used on the cast coating material, and then the aldehyde resin is used for polishing, after baking and leveling, sometimes the card can be identified from the back of the card. At present, the top offset printing equipment includes Heidelberg four-color and six-color printing machines.


  1. After the paper offset printing is polished, it is baked in a free state and cannot shrink evenly, so the size of the die-cutting tool is inconsistent with the card surface, and the size is inaccurate. Severe punishment will affect the quality, which is a common problem for poker manufacturers.


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