History of Poker

History of Poker

2022-07-20 11:58:39

The original playing cards were invented by the French in the 14th century. It consists of spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds as suits, a total of 52 cards.


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History of Poker


In the mid-19th century, the merchant added another card to the 52 cards. At that time, this card was not called Joker, but was called: "Extra card", which means extra card. Its role is as a replacement card or printed advertisements and rules of the game.


Later, for some untestable reasons, this card was called Joker.


Since many cards have 53 cards, there are many ways to play with 53 cards. The development of these games has promoted the development of cards. By the beginning of the 20th century, most of the poker produced by manufacturers had JOKER. Soon after, a second Joker appeared in poker, forming the now popular 54-card poker.


And with the development of the gameplay, there are even more Joker pokers in many parts of Europe, I have seen four cards.


Pokers produced in Asia and North America have two Jokers, but in poker produced in Asia, the two Jokers are usually divided into large and small, with one colored card, and the other black and white pattern. But if you buy poker in Europe and the United States, you will find that the two Jokers are not necessarily different, which is caused by the different popular gameplay in the two places.


Origin of poker


The Chinese believe that playing cards first originated from the leaf opera in China during the Southern Song Dynasty in the 12th and 13th centuries. The French believe that playing cards evolved from tarot cards, the British say they are the first countries to mention the game of cards in all certified records, and the Indians believe that ancient India had a game for entertainment. And fortune-telling round cards were later spread to Europe to form playing cards. The author believes that card games have appeared in various countries in history, but it is indeed impossible to verify which cards evolved into playing cards.


Why is poker the most popular entertainment item today?


  1. Helps relieve stress. When we have no energy to play all day, the inexplicable depression will make us not attached to life, and the intervention of poker will make us disappear, so it will become a relief method for entertainment.


  1. The corporate brand is indispensable. When enterprises customize playing cards, they must do more thorough brand promotion. This way of publicity will become the witness of more people. Therefore, the purpose of marketing and publicity is indispensable for enterprises.


  1. Marketing advertisements can be seen everywhere. When we are having fun, it allows people to witness the basic point of marketing, so that we can see the effect of advertising everywhere, and this has the uniqueness of brand promotion, which is definitely the birth of an indispensable advertising and marketing method for enterprises.




Playing cards can be integrated into our lives. It can be seen that it is the most popular entertainment item today, and it also has the uniqueness of brand promotion, so we can see the turning point of the marketing purpose.


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