Everything You Should Know about Poker Cards

Everything You Should Know about Poker Cards

2022-04-26 16:19:02

When friends and relatives gather and travel is boring, when the phone is out of power and there are no games to play, many people will choose to play poker to pass the time.


With the popularity of mobile phones, playing poker has also become popular on mobile phones. Many people start playing card games with mobile phones or computers, but there are still many people who are loyal players of physical cards. I believe everyone has played poker with friends. Do you know the production process of poker?


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The production process of poker


There is no difficulty in making playing cards. When the playing cards were originally designed, the pattern and style of the card surface were designed on the computer. This method is collectively referred to as graphic design. After designing the card style on the computer, it is sent to printing. After the printing factory prints the playing card, it is peritoneal, and then it can be sold after packaging. The quality of playing cards depends on the quality of the paper used to make the card surface. Like the playing cards we usually buy in the market, the paper is very hard. This is to prolong the service life of the playing cards and extend the number of times of use.


As mentioned earlier, computer graphic design, printing, and finally after passing through the peritoneum, can be sold. There are also some other processes, such as indentation and bronzing. Although this will greatly improve the overall beauty and texture of playing cards, it greatly The increase in the overall cost, very few people will make such a high-cost poker.


The process of making playing cards is not difficult. The most important thing is to make them according to the quantity. Large quantities will be profitable. The minimum number of playing cards is usually 1,000. Because of the low cost of mass production, playing cards are being produced. Always mass-produced.


What are the crafts of playing cards?


The playing card technology adopts international standards, the standard size is: 86.5*56.5, the number of sheets is 54-55, and the style is generally rounded.


Printing process: Ordinary printing of playing cards is a single-color printing machine, and now there are 4-color printing presses and 6+1 printing presses, even the most difficult advertising playing cards (8-color-10-color) can be 2 The second printing was successful.


Glazing process: The process of glazing and drying has not changed much, but the original oil heating is changed to the current electric heating, and the production efficiency is higher.


Splitting: The current splitting process adopts fully automatic slitting machine, which has high production efficiency. The biggest advantage is that it uses less labor.


Die cutting: It is to make the corners of playing cards rounded. At present, the same abrasive tools are used.


Card loading: Manual loading of playing cards is inefficient and slow in delivery, which seriously affects the manufacturing cycle of advertising playing cards. At present, a fully automatic cartoning machine is used, each cartoning machine is equipped with 6-8 people, and the output per day is 40,000.


The basic process of making advertising playing cards:


If there is special paper for playing cards, cut it to a certain size, and then print it on the machine.


The next step is to apply a layer of light liquid to make the playing cards smooth and shiny.


The following is the cutting. At present, there is the latest cutting machine, put the big poker on it, and the split is a deck of playing cards. But it's a right angle.


The back is to punch the right-angle poker into rounded corners. There is a special punching machine to punch.


Next down is to check the poker, the poker box.


Seal the boxed playing cards with cellophane using a poker wrapper.


Use poker heat shrinking machine ten pairs of heat shrinking, and then pack the box to complete the whole process.


Last few words


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