Educational Flash Cards Printing factory

Educational Flash Cards Printing factory

2023-02-03 14:36:25

Flashcards, also known as flashcards and word cards, are small pieces of cards and learning aid. Flash cards present short pictures or text information such as letters, vocabulary, historical events, formulas, etc. in the size of a palm. On the card, learners can quickly memorize through the "flash" quick display form.

The purpose of using flash cards is mainly to help memory, improve children's learning motivation, and provide children with multiple sensory stimulations. But it must be noted that after birth, children first understand the world through the sensory system, and among all the senses, the first to develop is not hearing or vision, but touch and the use of flashcards is actually to bring learners A relatively passive visual stimulus.

The other senses are not fully involved in this learning process. Relying entirely on flashcards for so-called intellectual enlightenment is not balanced enough for young children whose bodies and brains are still developing, and will cause a lack of other sensory development and cognitive abilities.


Flashcards can also be used for more learning activities

memory and writing
Spread the letter cards on the floor and give the child a minute or two to memorize them, then put the cards away and let the children write down as many letters as possible.

find letters
Prepare a set of alphabet cards and a set of word cards. Put the letter cards in a large container and let your child draw out to find words that start with that letter in the word cards. This establishes the concept of "words are made up of letters" for children.

take something
Put the word cards in different places. Send the instruction "Give me XXX" to the child in English. It can also be matched with a number card to indicate the quantity.

In short, parents can fully use their brains and play flash cards with their children in various tricks. Letter cards, word cards, number cards, etc. are used in combination for richer gameplay.

Product Name: Custom Flash Card Printed
Components: Cards, manual, playing board, custom size
Colors: Full colors and/or Pantone colors printed
Finshing         : Varishing/Lamination,(linen texture),golld/silver foil,Spot UV
Design: Custom logo acceptable, AI, PDF, CDR, PSD source file at least 300 dpi
Packaging: All components into a paper box with shrink wrapped
Shippment: By sea or by air, cartons outside film covered and fastened/Cartons on a pallet
Customized orders are warmly welcomed!
(All sizes, designs, colors, packaging, and components can be customized)


We are one of the best playing cards factories in China for over 10 years, located in Guangzhou of China, with above 100 employees and advanced printing/varnishing/card sorting/cutting/packing machines here.




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