Do you still Think the Advertisement is Stiff when you Advertise with Playing Cards?

Do you still Think the Advertisement is Stiff when you Advertise with Playing Cards?

2022-06-02 15:29:53

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Nowadays, advertising is emerging in an endless stream, including Tiktok, video, news, media, and so on. However, there is also a new kind of advertising, which is ignored by everyone. That is advertising poker.


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When it comes to advertising playing cards, it is not very strange for people who play cards. Because the advertisements of some businesses are printed on playing cards. Because there are 54 cards in a set of playing cards, each of which can print unique advertisements. In addition, the printing cost of playing cards is low. Therefore, when this novel advertisement is launched, it immediately occupies the advertising market.


On the contrary, compared with boring and stiff advertisements, playing cards are much more interesting than them. Because poker is for the public, it can be seen everywhere at home and can be given away or played with several friends. Therefore, printing advertisements on poker can better record your company's products, or brands, so that customers can inadvertently write down your company's product information on the way to playing cards.


Through the guidance of interest, poker allows customers to have a more in-depth understanding of the quality of your company's products. It is the perfect presentation of these advantages that makes advertising poker become a favorite in the hearts of people as soon as it comes out.


Compared with traditional advertising, what are the advantages of playing cards?


Advertising, as the name suggests, is advertising. With the progress of science and technology, the types of advertising have become more and more abundant. TV media, car ads, and today's short videos can be described as letting a hundred flowers bloom. However, no matter how the situation changes, there is only one essence, which maximizes the image and products of the enterprise to potential customers.


Although traditional advertising is very popular, it has a fatal disadvantage, that is, advertising in the traditional sense lies in casting a net on a large area, hoping to attract people's attention to the greatest extent. Then, it is often impossible to count how many people on a billboard downtown have noticed the above goods. On the contrary, advertising poker makes up for this defect.


When people play poker, all their attention will be focused on the numbers and colors of poker. If the publicity information of an enterprise is marked on poker at this time, it will be paid attention to the greatest extent. Secondly, in a poker game, the information of the business will repeat dozens of times, which is undoubtedly a repetition of memory. If you consider that players will play multiple games within a certain period, you can imagine such a memory effect.


Secondly, poker with advertisements can also be presented to customers as gifts. Therefore, most smart businesses often customize advertising cards in Wangjing, because only advertising cards can spread their company's advertising to more people with the greatest benefit.


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