Do You Know Tarot Cards?

Do You Know Tarot Cards?

2022-07-11 14:55:27

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I believe many friends like Tarot because of a set of beautiful cards, such as Flower Shadow Tarot, such a prism, such as a fairy, many, many. In the world of tarot, there are indeed many cards that are very beautiful and artistic, from classical to rock and roll.


However, in such a dazzling world of tarot cards, as a novice, how do choose cards?




What is Tarot?


Generally speaking, it is similar to the eastern six trigrams and eight trigrams. They are all divination tools. Divination, Baidu Encyclopedia says: judge the unknown or predict the future by studying the incomplete basis obtained by observing various signs.


The difference is that tarot is a popular divination tool in the West. Roughly speaking, it has a history of six or seven centuries. There are 78 tarot cards, each with a picture and a specific meaning. There is a saying that modern playing cards are derived from tarot cards. For example, the clown in playing cards corresponds to the fool in tarot, the heart corresponds to the Holy Grail, the spade corresponds to the sword, and so on.


Tarot card is a very scientific divination tool. Specifically, it may involve the expression of human collective subconsciousness. As long as certain norms are followed, subconscious cognition can be interpreted.


How to choose cards?


It is said that there are thousands of tarot cards on the market, but they are extended from the Witt system, Thoth system, and Marseille system. I feel that the latter two are more abstract. If you are a novice, I still suggest the most basic and classic vettaro!


Be familiar with the meaning and pictures of each card first, and then you can play other tarot cards, and there will be no Oolong situation of buying garbage cards. In addition, if you want to try other cards in the future, such as tarot cards with other patterns extended from white cards, there will be many.


Auxiliary appliances: (recommended, but not required)


Tarot storage bag


The main function of the storage bag is to facilitate the carrying of tarot, protect the card body and avoid scratching the card surface. Therefore, the material should be soft, hygroscopic, and shock-absorbing (I recommend a Velvet Tarot cover), and can also be replaced by glasses bags, mobile phone bags, etc., or customized for Tarot (it won't be very expensive), to give your beloved Tarot a beautiful home. There are also professional Tarot storage boxes made of wood, which are recommended for Masters (because they are usually inlaid with crystal, so the price is not cheap), but I think it should not be easy to find in China, so there is no way to find them.


Tarot tablecloth


The tablecloth is mainly used to prevent the cards from being scratched when shuffling, and it has a color rendering effect, which can highlight the pattern of the card surface. In addition, it can be wrapped outside the card for protection when not divining. Generally, black is recommended (because it has a good color rendering effect), but it can also be selected according to personal preferences (Master recommendation). Size is important to accommodate shuffle space and card array. It is better to buy large than small.


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