Cultural Knowledge Contained in Poker

Cultural Knowledge Contained in Poker

2022-07-20 13:58:58

Playing poker is a leisure way that adults like very much. With a deck of poker in hand, just a few people can pull a few people into a variety of ways to play. However, do you know the true meaning of poker? Do you know the role of playing cards in mathematics teaching? Next, the author will help you to unravel slowly. Today we will first reveal the cultural knowledge in poker.


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Cultural Knowledge Contained in Playing Cards


There are 54 cards in total, 52 main cards and two sub cards. The king represents the sun, and the king represents the moon. 52 cards mean there are 52 weeks in a year. Hearts, spades, diamonds, and plums indicate that there are four seasons in a year, namely, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Red means day and black means night. The 13 weeks of each season are equal to the number of cards of each suit in the playing cards. The sum of the points of 52 cards is exactly 364, plus the little king's point means that there are 365 days in a year, and the king's point is 366, which is the same as the number of days in a leap year. There are 12 cards of J, K, and Q in playing cards, which means that there are 12 months in a year, and it also means that the sun passes through 12 constellations in a year.


Among them, the spades are olive trees, symbolizing peace; the clubs are clover, which means luck; the diamonds are diamonds, which symbolize wealth; and the hearts are hearts, which symbolize wisdom and love.


These four colors are good wishes for people in the year.


Because of the rich meaning and the various functions contained in playing cards, they are used by people for leisure, entertainment, education, magic, divination, games and so on.


But now the function of playing cards is mainly used by adults, because playing cards sometimes become a gambling tool for some people, causing many parents to "talk about color change" and refuse children to touch them.


In fact, playing cards can help children in the following ways:


Method 1: In the kindergarten stage, playing cards can be used as a numeracy toy. Change A to 1, pick 1 to 10, and play the drag scooter game. For example, the parent randomly plays a card and reads the number 8, and then asks the child to randomly play a card, also asks to read the number, and then places it on the bottom half of the playing card 8. Two people take turns taking cards and reading the numbers, and if the child comes out with an identical card, he wins all the cards in between. Learn to recognize ten numbers while playing.


Method 2: Also select 1-10 playing cards of the same suit to complete the calculation from counting to addition. For example, a child holds 5 hearts and plays 2 cards at a time. There are 2 patterns in the middle of the 2 hearts, and 5 patterns in the middle of the 5 hearts. First count the total number of 7, and then draw out 2+5=7 patterns. The adult holds 5 spades and also plays two cards at a time. If the sum is 1+2=3, the smaller result will be pasted with a small note. As your proficiency increases, you can build up to 10 cards.


Method 3: In elementary school, play 24 points. Only choose 1-10 of the poker cards, a total of 40 cards, each person holds 20 cards, and each player plays 2 cards, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. 4 cards. You can also treat J, Q, and K as 11, 12, and 13, respectively, to increase the difficulty, or change the calculation result to 36.




In fact, poker is also a very meaningful game activity for children. It has a considerable function on children's oral calculation ability, thinking development, flexible calculation, communication ability, relieve tension in learning, and enhance parent-child relationship. Therefore, how to play the mathematical function of playing cards is worth exploring by parents.


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