0-1 Year Old Baby Puzzle Game Recommendation

0-1 Year Old Baby Puzzle Game Recommendation

2022-07-20 15:11:07

Games are also a kind of learning, a wonderful way for children to gain experience and develop intelligence, and can exercise children's ability to create, be curious, imagine, and explore. So what are the Daquan Family Puzzle Games for Infants and Toddlers? Below we summarize the complete collection of family puzzle games for infants and young children for your reference.


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0-1 year old baby puzzle game recommendation


Identify the direction


Prepare a bell or other sweet-sounding toy and make sounds alternately on the left and right sides of the baby to attract the child's attention. You will find that the child turns his head in the direction of the sound.


✔️Game function:


In the process of finding the sound source, the child's ability to concentrate has been exercised, and the sense of hearing and direction has also been improved.


Tactile stimulation


Prepare various items with different touches and texture, such as balls, cardboard shells, plastic toys, etc., so that the baby can directly touch and play. In the process of touching the child, adults can use language to describe and express to him, for example, this is a round ball, this is a hard cardboard shell


✔️Game function:


In the process of touching, children can experience different tactile sensations of different objects. At the same time, through adult voice stimulation, it can also promote the development of baby's language.


Do passive exercises


Grab your baby's arms and do some stretching; grab your baby's legs and lift them up, kick them forward, or move your baby's ankles, etc. Follow Xiaole, reply to passive exercise, you can view the video of the doctor explaining the operation~


✔️Game function:


Baby gymnastics not only promotes brain development, but also helps to stabilize your baby's emotions.


Listen to the sound of the clock


Hold a ticking, ticking clock close to your baby's ear and let him hear the beat of the second hand. Babies are usually attracted by the sound of clocks and become curious.


✔️Game function:


This is good for exercising the baby's ability to distinguish the subtle differences in sounds, and it can also improve the baby's attention while stimulating the hearing.


Knead the gauze/paper ball


Prepare some beautiful gauze or paper for your baby to grab, rub, and pull at will.


✔️Game function:


This can be a good exercise for your baby's small muscle strength, and it can also promote the development of touch. Bright colors can also stimulate your baby's vision.


Listen to the animal calls


Prepare some animal toys to show your baby or let him touch. At the same time, you imitate the sounds of animals and listen to the baby. You can also show your baby the corresponding expressions or movement characteristics of different animals.


✔️Game function:


It can stimulate the baby's vision and hearing at the same time.


Parents who want to teach their babies early education can go to the "Early Education Classroom" official account to get family early education classes for 0-6 years old, and let their babies do early education at home scientifically.




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